Jeanne Kollée



R. J. (Jeanne) Kollée – CV

17 Hawthorne Place Lethbridge  AB  T1K 4L7 403 320 9704




2021       Summer Salon - Casa Arts Centre, Lethbridge, AB

2019       Why Are We Here? - Casa Arts Centre, Lethbridge, AB

2018       Best of South Western Alberta - ASA, Casa Leth. AB/Crossroads Art Centre, Calgary           

2017       Acrylics in Action - Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver BC

2017       Cabinet of Queeryiosities - CASA, Lethbridge, AB

2017       The Coulee Project - 50th Annv. of University of Lethbridge, Helen Christou Gallery

2016         En Plein Air (Coutts Centre, Nanton AB)  U of L Penny Pldg. Lethbridge AB            

2015         En Plein Air (Coutts Centre, Nanton AB) U of L Penny Bldg. Lethbridge AB

2015        Abstract Exhibition - Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver BC

2014        MmmPop - Uof L Helen Christou Gallery (art+people=x series) Letbridge AB

2014        En Plein Air(Coutts Centre, Nanton AB), U of L Penny Bldg. Lethbridge AB

2012       The End is Near U of L Penny Blg. Potemkin Collective Exhibit, Leth. AB

2012        Notebook, Helen Christou Gallery, University of Lethbridge, in collaboration

                with The Bowman Arts Centre, Lethbridge AB

2010        The Whole>the Sum of its Parts, Trianon Gallery, Burning Ground Studios

                Collaboration, Lethbridge AB

2010        Baggage, Paramount Bldg, Potemkin Collective , Lethbridge AB

2009        Ruin & Reclamation. Singer Bldg, Potemkin Collective, Lethbridge AB

2007        Flash: Requiem Weekly World News, P-Pod Studios, Potemkin

                Collective, Lethbridge AB

2007        Room for Thought, Crowsnest Pass Art Gallery, Frank AB

2007        Looking Back, Bowman Arts Centre, Lethbridge AB

2007        Hidden Agenda. U of L Students Union Gallery, Potemkin 

                Collective, University of Lethbridge

2007        Bad Art Show. U of L Students Union Gallery, Potemkin Collective

                University of Lethbridge

2006        Salon de Refuse, Gallery Potemkin Collective, Lethbridge AB

2006        Current, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge AB

2005        Catatonia, Gallery Potemkin, Lethbridge AB

2005        In Sites, Bowman Arts Centre, Lethbridge AB

2004        Absence of Colour, Crowsnest Pass Art Gallery, Frank AB

2002        Spring Open Water Media, Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery,

                Vancouver BC


2019        Unter dem Messer (Under the Knife) Crowsnest Pass Art Gallery, Frank, AB

2016        Unter dem Messer (Under the Knife) Casa Arts Centre, Lethbridge AB

2013        Asgard – Citadel of the Gods, Casa Arts Centre, Lethbridge AB

2008         Linocity, Yates Centre, Joan Waterfied Gallery, Lethbridge AB


Amery, Richard (2016 Dec. 21) Lethbridge Sun Times  "Artists Re-purpose Old School"

Lethbridge Herald(2009) “Art exhibit brings old downtown building to life” May 30, 2009

Sims, Alisha (2009). “Drawn to Life”  Sun Times, June 03, 2009 (Ruin and Reclamation)

Passifiume, Bryan (2007) Crowsnest Pass Promoter, Arts & Entertainment “Feed your

            mind at the Pass Art Gallery”, June 20 2007

Beeber, Al (2006) “SAAG turns 30” Current exhibition – Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

            June 22, 2006

Lethbridge Life (2005) Downtown Lethbridge Lifestyle (Lethbridge Herald) “Potemkin    Too offers unique prizes” Art Walk, September 15, 2005

Lethbridge Herald (2005) “ MS society tops fundraising goal” September 20, 2005

Becker, Michele (2002) Art Avenue, A Federation of Canadian Artists Publication

            “Spring Open Water media Show, July/August 2002

“Science & Technology 8 - Water Systems”, Prentice Hall Canada, textbook, Toronto

            Ontario –May, 2000

Lethbridge Living Magazine, 1995 – 2000

Lethbridge  Chamber of Commerce Magazine. 1995 – 1998



Curatorial Experience

2005                Potemkin Collective exhibit, Lethbridge AB



Private instruction and various workshops in Canada and The Netherlands



Instructor: Watercolor – Bowman Arts Centre

Instructor: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic – The Studio, children’s classes

Instructor: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic – The Burning Ground Studios



2001                First in Show, First in Category, “The Cowboy Trail”, Crowsnest Pass

                        Art Gallery, Frank AB










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