Jeanne Kollée




I am primarily an oil painter, with watercolor and acrylic as a second choice of mediums. My style varies from abstract and landscapes, floral to a linear geometric form. My second choice of medium is photography, both black and white and colour. Under the influence of my studio mates and other artist friends  I have  also delved into the realm of installation art, printmaking and 3D sculpture.



 Past Member of The Federation of Canadian Artists  – Vancouver, B.C.


Exhibitions at  CASA Gallery, Lethbridge AB, Bowman Arts Centre, Lethbridge AB, SAAG  - Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Group Show) Lethbridge AB, Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver BC, Yates Centre Gallery, Lethbridge AB, the student gallery at The University of Lethbridge, The Helen Christou gallery, U of L, the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery, Frank Alberta.



My studio space at McNally School - McNally Artists Studios


This is the outside of the old McNally School - my studio space is the first 7 windows on the left upstairs. It is a full classroom with lovely hardwood floors. The school was built in 1945.


Artist Statement



I like to think of my work as a journey taken towards an emotion, it could be sorrow, anger, nostalgia or elation. It’s about embracing the complex and simple structures of form and shape whether it is a painting, a photograph or a sculpture.


Some works combines elements of graphic design from movements, such as Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Pop Art and Japanese Anime. I combine images relating to the urban and rural aspect of community such as impressionistic landscapes, melding a sense of virtual reality with real life.


Drawing from my conscious and subconscious experience, I’ll take a blank canvas and to go work, no plan, no colour sense, no emotion, nothing -- just six painting knives and no idea of where I am going. However, the end result after a few hours of ‘playing, is that my subconscious mind creates images of form, depth and colour. I study the piece and decide on the subject matter, picking out various elements that I see in the way the paint texture lays, the way the colours combine and by turning the canvas at different angles. 



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