Jeanne Kollée

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Well it has been an interesting year. I had to move studio spaces 3 times in one year. Moved from a heritage building, an old fire hall basement space, to an upstairs space above a book store to a two room small space above a silk screen shop, to my present location, NcNally School.


McNally school was built in 1945, has hard wood flooring throughout, a gym, a lab etc. and about six classrooms that have been converted to studio spaces for artists. Some spaces are half classroom size and some are full classroom size. The basement consists of the west wing which are stained glass artisians and the east wing a single artist with a huge space. The upper level west wing conists of about 7 studio spaces with a common area for clean up and socialising. McNally School is in the county of Lethbridge and is about 8 kilometers out of the city.The country side is so peaceful and picturesque. It is truly "Artists Heaven".


Studio space I share with my husband - a full classroom facing west.


Old lab - now our common area.



View from my window facing south west - new exra large house, not typical of surrounding farm houses

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