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Saturday, May 17 at 2:30pm

CASA in Lethbridge, Alberta

Robert Bechtel, a Local Artist of Lethbridge, has come up with a great idea of how to raise money for Carrie Balkham, a Lethbridge woman struggling with the battle of Cancer. Carrie is a single mother, a registered nurse at the hospital in Lethbridge, and a local artist, and she is doing everything she can to fight the Beast inside; Stage 4 Colon Cancer. She has recently started a treatment in Vancouver called Localized Hyperthermia. A very promising but also very expensive treatment in Vancouver. Hyperthermia has been part of cancer treatment in European countries for 30 years. But is an alternative treatment plan and therefore not accepted in Canada by Healthcare Plans or Insurance. The treatments are costing Carrie $3400.00 per week of which she has 6 treatments on a biweekly basis. A total of $20, 400.00. She has been paying for this treatment out of her pocket, donations from friends and family. But the pot is running dry. She has not been able to work since June 2014 because of the disease. 


An Art Auction has been planned to raise money for Carrie to continue her treatments. And it is sure to be a fun and fantastic event. Wine, Cheese, Art, and Friends at CASA. How could you go wrong? Art from Robert Bechtel, Aaron Hagen, as well as many other local Lethbridge Artists will be on display for Silent Auction. There will be work from a professional artist in Vancouver and TelAviv, as well as a few artists from Calgary. Carrie will also have a few of her own pieces in of her painting and photography. And there will be a few baskets for silent auction from local businesses. 


Please come out to this event to show your support for this Lethbridge woman fighting the battle of Cancer. Our Friend, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Nurse, and Artist. Let's help her in this time of need as she has helped so many of us in ours. 


Thank You

Hope to see you there!!

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