Jeanne Kollée


June 30, 2015


The McNally Community Association has permitted our Artist's Group, The McNally Art Studios to put a sign on the side of the old McNally School. This school as of last fall has partically been converted to artist's studio spaces. Classrooms have been converted, some divided in half, and some whole classrooms are now the homes of local artists. The other half of the school remains  for the use of the community to use as a venue for various functions and as rental for other parties, such as birthday's etc.


With a little help from our neighbour across the road, who happens to be a contractor.


Done in 30 minutes! Now people won't get lost in the country! 


Very soon, there will be lights installed over the two signs. Especially good at night!



These two images are from  Day 8 and 9. They are from my vintage collection of Corning Ware - Blue Corn Flower. 


Salt Shaker



Coffee Mug

Blue Moon - 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas



Solar Angels - 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas


Saturday, April 18th, 2015


My day today. At the Opening Ceremonies of the Lethbridge Military Museum at the Lethbridge Armouries. The commissioned painting I did many years ago was donated and presented to the museum by Retired Colonel Kilford (who originally commissioned the work) this afternoon. Thank you, Chris. It has found a great home ( after 20 years of travel) and will be on display permanently.



"The Gunners of Lethbridge"

"Abstract Exhibition"

March 24th  - April 5th 2015

Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery

1241 Cartwright Street - Granville Island

Vancouver BC


If anyone from Lethbridge or surrounding area is travelling to Vancouver during this time period, drop into the Federation Gallery and take in this group exhibit.


"Pond Scum" - by Jeanne Kollee

Well it has been an interesting year. I had to move studio spaces 3 times in one year. Moved from a heritage building, an old fire hall basement space, to an upstairs space above a book store to a two room small space above a silk screen shop, to my present location, NcNally School.


McNally school was built in 1945, has hard wood flooring throughout, a gym, a lab etc. and about six classrooms that have been converted to studio spaces for artists. Some spaces are half classroom size and some are full classroom size. The basement consists of the west wing which are stained glass artisians and the east wing a single artist with a huge space. The upper level west wing conists of about 7 studio spaces with a common area for clean up and socialising. McNally School is in the county of Lethbridge and is about 8 kilometers out of the city.The country side is so peaceful and picturesque. It is truly "Artists Heaven".


Studio space I share with my husband - a full classroom facing west.


Old lab - now our common area.



View from my window facing south west - new exra large house, not typical of surrounding farm houses



My website (link) is now listed on The Federation of Canadian Artists website under "Artist's Sites" (Active Member). Check out their site.

University of Lethbridge Art Gallery

October 31 – December 23, 2014 | Main Gallery

Posted on October 31, 2014 by University of Lethbridge Art Gallery




MmmPop: local artists respond to the U of L Art Collection

October 31 – December 23, 2014
Reception: November 7 | 7 – 9 pm | Main Gallery

Coffee’s On at the Gallery: November 12 | 9 – 10:30 am | Main Gallery
Curators: Darcy Logan, Josephine Mills & David Smith

Part of the art + people = x series

This exhibition features new work by local artists created in response to the U of L Art Gallery’s holding of Canadian and international Pop Art.

This exhibition is the final phase of MmmPop and is part of art + people = x, an on-going series to connect local artists and audiences with the U of L’s renowned art collection. In June 2014, the U of L Art Gallery invited artists and the public to come behind the scenes at the gallery and view a selection of our outstanding Pop Art works by Canadian, American, and British artists such as, David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Joyce Weiland. Following the collection tour, artists and interested members of the public could participate in workshops at Casa, the community arts centre in downtown Lethbridge, and make work in response to the Pop Art they saw at the U of L. Artists then submitted their work to a panel of curators (Darcy Logan, David Smith, and myself) who selected the work for this exhibition. We also decided to include a few key works from the U of L collection in this exhibition in order to expand on the imagery and ideas addressed in the new work by local artists.

MmmPop creates a myriad of connections for artists and audiences: it supports the professional development of local artists and supports the strong community in Lethbridge, but it also gives members of the public a window into what artists engage with when they view works in public collections and how they build on imagery and approaches by previous generations. Some of the artists in the collection are household names and others are frequent favourites for artists although less known by the public. This exhibition, and the previous component which featured a range of Pop Art from the U of L collection, provides a contemporary context for these celebrated works and helps to build connections for new audiences with the art works and the U of L collection.

– Josephine Mills, Director/Curator U of L Art Gallery

Participating Artists:
Leila Armstrong
Beany Dootjes
Rick Gillis
Claöid Idia
Jeanne Kollée
Karla Mather-Cocks


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