Jeanne Kollée

I feel like a forgerer! The study I did of  "Berlin 1938" I thought, was good enough to do a larger piece, this is the result.


Completed "Berlin 1938" in larger format, small study of "Berlin 1938" now on my living room wall. Sometimes you just fall in love with a piece of artwork that you don't want to part with..not too often with me, but this one has a special meaning. Do you know how hard it is to copy an abstract painting?



My studio at McNally Art Studios - McNally, Alberta Canada

This is an early draft of Vidar Norse god of Vengeance and Silence. This is one of the last of a series of 15 paintings of the Asgard in the themed norse god series. There is about 4 more painting to go in this particular series. It should be competed by Feb of 2016..hopefully..





This oil painting was done from a pen sketch during a Plein Air workshop at the property of Jim Coutts, which is now the Jim Coutts Centre and owned and managed by the University of Lethbridge. Artists were invited during these last summer months, once a month, May, June, July and August to participate. There were artists from Fernie BC, High River and Calgary. This is an excellent oportunity for artists to experience painting, sketching, or photography in a natural setting with a botanical garden like atmosphere.


Trying a new style, just a practice piece. Using mostly knives with some brush work in the background. Still working on it, there will be an ocean in the background.


McNally Art Studios - July 31/2015


Finally completed the tear down of the old lockers and shelves in our studio space at the Old McNally School. It took about a month to complete all the work and painting and this week we were able to start hanging the art work. Looks great! This is not a commercial gallery or open to the public, but a terrific space to hang our completed works outside our studio doors!


Rick hanging and measuring!


Two hundred feet of hanging space. A hanging system was designed by going on the internet to best utilize the hallways with minimum nails in the walls. No nails!


Far end of the north exit, my studio door is next to the first painting.


June 30, 2015


The McNally Community Association has permitted our Artist's Group, The McNally Art Studios to put a sign on the side of the old McNally School. This school as of last fall has partically been converted to artist's studio spaces. Classrooms have been converted, some divided in half, and some whole classrooms are now the homes of local artists. The other half of the school remains  for the use of the community to use as a venue for various functions and as rental for other parties, such as birthday's etc.


With a little help from our neighbour across the road, who happens to be a contractor.


Done in 30 minutes! Now people won't get lost in the country! 


Very soon, there will be lights installed over the two signs. Especially good at night!



These two images are from  Day 8 and 9. They are from my vintage collection of Corning Ware - Blue Corn Flower. 


Salt Shaker



Coffee Mug

Blue Moon - 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas



Solar Angels - 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas

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