Jeanne Kollée



Finally finished this poster type work "Jazz Fesival Berlin 1924". 

Working on the lettering for this 1920's style poster, 24 x 30 oil on canvas

"Why Are We Here?"  Image for upcoming  Fall exhibition at Casa - Lethbridge, Alberta


The 'En Plein Air" exhibition at the James Foster Penny U of L Building - Dec. 7th 2016. This work titled "When Lavender Whispers" was done partly on site with oils and painting paletter knives and the rest was completed in my studio. It was sold during the reception on Dec. 7th. A lucky lady had a terrific Christmas gift.



June 28th - 2016


First try at Plein Aire with my new outdoor easel. I have not painted from life outside with oils in a long long time, well actually, never until now. This is at my studio space out at McNally. I just tucked myself under some trees and went to work, two hours later the result. Just a touch up or two then it is done.


Back inside my studio to check things out. Just a few touch ups.



Close up...needs a little work.


June 25th - 7 pm - 9 pm Opening Reception for "Unter dem Messer" ("Under the Knife") An exhibition of Abstract Expression oil on canvas works. These works were done with painting or palette knives. This exhibit conisted of approximately 20 works.


Thank you all for coming! Your support was much appreciated!



Opening Reception of "Unter dem Messer" at Casa Gallery - June 25th/2016


"Between The Rhine and The Elbe"







This exhibition is a series of paintings oil on canvas done with painting knives in the palette colours and themes of Berlin in the early part of the 1900's from 1900's to the early 1940's in the colours of Klee, Kandinsky, Dix, Schwitters and others. These abstract expressionism works tell the tales of strife, discontent, and craziness of the time. This is my impression of how these artists and musicians and writers may have felt and experienced during that tumultuous era. Please check out the Casa website for more details.


Examples of more works in Exhibition.



"Between The Rhine and The Elbe"



"Meridian 15 - West"

Lethbridge artists’ Coutts Centre inspiration on display in En Plein Air

Friday, 18 December 2015 17:25 Richard Amery


The University of Lethbridge’s Coutts centre outside of Nanton is a pretty inspirational place for Lethbridge artists.


 The University of Lethbridge  shows the fruits of some of this inspiration with the second annual En Plein Air exhibition at the Dr. Penny Foster building  downtown, Dec. 5-23.


A Gentle Reminder - Jeanne Kollee



 While artists are welcome to visit the Coutts Centre any time, many of the 84 pieces in the exhibit from  34 different artists were created during four special weekends in October. The Coutts Centre is staffed seven days a week from May through October.



“We might get some artists during the winter as well,” said university of Lethbridge Art Gallery general manager Jon Oxley.

“A lot of the artists like to go together,” Oxley continued.



 The second annual  event has been expanded as last year’s debut show was so successful.


“There is a lot of variety, there’s abstracts, sketches, oil on canvass and there’s even a sculpture of found items. He put a lot of work into it. He even hand carved the top,” Oxley said, adding he didn’t have to curate the pieces submitted by the 34 artists because there is so much wall space. There were 84 artists participating this year, including plenty of familiar faces on the Lethbridge art scene including teachers.



And if you are looking for Christmas presents for the art aficionados in you life, many of the works are for sale with every cent going to the artist.

The gallery is open weekdays 9-4 p.m.


— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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