Jeanne Kollée

Climate Change - A series of oil paintings depicting the worlds' weather and climate change patterns on the five contenients. This image: The Godzilla - July 2020 Saharan is a work in progress. This first image is phase 1 the underpainting. 


This second image is phase 2 layering and blending and adjusting the form.


My husband Ricardo making stretcher bars and frames for me, for a new series of oil paintings for the upcoming fall and winter season. 


"Avalanche Lily"  Rocky Mountian wild flowers


I have always loved this little 5 x 7 in oil on wood panel. I did it mostly from memory and a few objects I had hanging around the studio.



                                                        "Tuscany Dreams"





Finally finished this poster type work "Jazz Fesival Berlin 1924". 

Working on the lettering for this 1920's style poster, 24 x 30 oil on canvas

"Why Are We Here?"  Image for upcoming  Fall exhibition at Casa - Lethbridge, Alberta


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