Jeanne Kollée

Latest Works - Three years in the making. Weather and Climate change. A series of works that depicts weather and climate in differenent countries. I purposely left out any human or man made structures to make a very startling point about our changing planet.



A work in progress for an upcoming series entitled: "Our Moody Planet". Weather and Climate and how they relate to the way we live our lives and how they impact our future. 





Another work in progress. Great day yesterday in the studio. March 30/2022 


Latest work in progress - Nov. 27, 2021

"The Last Horizon"  - Oil on Canvas 18 x 24 inches. This painting is for sale, if interested send me a private message. 


INSIDE/OUTSIDE - A Black and White Photography Exhibit

WHERE: The Stonesthrow Café - Blairmore, Alberta

DATES:  July 26th - September 20th


Climate Change - A series of oil paintings depicting the worlds' weather and climate change patterns on the five contenients. This image: The Godzilla - July 2020 Saharan is a work in progress. This first image is phase 1 the underpainting. 


This second image is phase 2 layering and blending and adjusting the form.


My husband Ricardo making stretcher bars and frames for me, for a new series of oil paintings for the upcoming fall and winter season. 


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